Allianz Technology SE | Munich | September 2019
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Allianz Technology provides IT solutions for all of Allianz Group. So, naturally, a modern and digital approach is key for us in all departments. To enable this environment, we constantly challenge existing concepts and customs. Looking at the best possible development measures for our employees, this time we were wondering how we could encourage our employees to use more of our online learning offers – so we decided to link it to a matter of the heart. Here is what became of it.

At Allianz Technology, we believe in a learning method that goes beyond the time we spend at the workplace – and beyond physical attendance. As the provider for Allianz IT solutions, a modern and digital approach is significant for us in all facets and in every department. We have to stay up to speed with our products as well as with the offers for our employees. Of course, their professional and also personal development is something we, as an employer, value greatly. Accordingly, we want to give our employees the opportunity of learning independently from their desks or an in-house seminar. This is why it was important for us to make our online learning offers more popular. One of them is LinkedIn Learning, a platform with many opportunities for autonomous professional development – anywhere you like, at any time you wish.

The website offers a vast range of short videos, longer courses or whole learning collections on just about every topic you can imagine. Besides teaching certain programs or software and giving insights on work-relevant concepts, LinkedIn Learning also offers lessons on more widely applicable topics and soft skills.

Besides our emphasis on digital development, another matter very close to our hearts is sustainability and environmental awareness. Allianz Technology is invested in initiatives that go beyond business. We believe that it is also our responsibility to shape the society and environment we want to live in. This is why we emphasize sustainability as well as social engagement in our philosophy.

So we connected the dots: Use our online learning offers and do good at the same time!

This is how our initiative Learning for the Good Cause came into life. The precept was easy:

For every hour our employees spend on LinkedIn Learning, we will give 1 Euro to a charitable organization.  

We were hoping for a positive reception but the actual reactions exceeded all our expectations!

After only one week, we had already collected 754 hours for a good cause, 3295 after one month. In the end, we were able to donate a huge total of 13,970 € for a good cause. The earnings went to Sea Shepherd and Frankfurt Zoological Society in equal shares – two committed environmental organizations protecting our planet on both land and sea.

But not just the numbers turned out to be incredible. The motivation, participation and personal feedback we received from our employees was a grand reward as well. We are happy, thankful and proud that this initiative had an impact we did not even dream about!


Linkedin Learning@Allianz 

Since 2018, Allianz have been providing free access to all LinkedIn Learning content. Our employees can also access and use learning paths created exclusively for them, e.g. Agile Methodologies, Resilience, Digital Foundations and Big Data and Analytics. 

About us: Allianz Technology

Allianz Technology is the global IT service provider for Allianz. Together with our customers, we provide leading IT infrastructure and application solutions to drive the global digitalization of Allianz Group. We oversee the full digitalization spectrum – from one of the industry’s largest IT infrastructure projects that includes data centers, networking and security, to application platforms that span from workplace services to digital interaction. In short, we deliver full-scale, end-to-end IT solutions for Allianz in the digital age. 

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