Allianz SE | Munich | September 2019
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Within Allianz Group over 142,000 people deal with all aspects of the business of an international financial services provider. Working in such a widespread business yields a multitude of development opportunities. With our new #WidenYourHorizons initiative, we empower our employees to broaden their skill-set and discover new territories without taking the risks associated with changing positions permanently. By engaging in a job swap or job shadowing program, they get the chance to enrich their network with new relationships and to get an outside perspective on their home department.

A job swap is a great opportunity to better understand how the different Allianz entities interlock, and a perfect possibility to expand your network. I also got a far better understanding of my strengths and areas of development, and figured out what I am really passionate about.

Ulla, Employer Branding, Allianz Germany

A job shadowing is a fun way of learning and bringing the experience, perspective and strengths of other Allianz colleagues to your daily job. The shadowing experience has helped me to constructively challenge the way we work and has brought along many new ideas.

Ana, Group Operations and Performance, Allianz SE

Do you want to widen your horizons yourself? Find out, if a swap or shadowing better fits your learning targets.

Job Swap
Sometimes, when trying to learn something new, the best option is to get your hands dirty and make your own mistakes along the way. Getting into a completely new role might be a scary notion, but will help you develop entrepreneurship skills, as well increase your learning agility when faced with unfamiliar challenges. You will learn by doing , and really walk a mile in someone else‘s shoes. Stepping out of your daily bubble will not only help you meet new people and develop new skills, it might give you a whole new perspective on doing things differently!

Job Shadowing
When shadowing someone, you get to note how they tackle day-to-day challenges, and what their best practices are. During swaps, you may solve problems in your new job in the same way you did before. However, shadowing will help you see a different approach to yours. Shadowing is also a very good way of getting the ‚bigger picture‘ here at Allianz. Sometimes, we might be a stone-throw away from a colleague, but simply might know completely how they contribute to the organization. Moreover, shadowing is a great way to prepare for an upcoming role – to see all the ropes and levers, before you have to pull them.

Ready to widen your horizons?

Talk to you manager and explain why you want to engage in a job swap or job shadowing. If you’re company doesn’t offer a program yet, there might still be the possibility to individually organize your experience.

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